sleep better. move freely. live fully.

empowering tools for sustainable change.


an empowering  

+ practical 

approach to transformation

Hi. I'm Risa. 

I am a sleep therapist, yoga teacher and clarity coach. My passion is empowering people to create sustainable changes, whether it's improving your sleep, getting your body to move with more ease and less pain, or figuring out how to create a life you love through transformations big and small. My approach is personal, intuitive and practical. Most of all, it's about long-lasting solutions over quick fixes. 

"Because you are alive, everything is possible"


Improve your sleep, change your life 

I work with clients privately, offer group sleep courses, teach at corporates, and run sleep workshops and retreats locally and internationally 


Public and corporate yoga classes on offer

Explore movement, mobility and creativity through yoga. Reconnect with your body, breath and mind


Get from where you are to where you want to be


Going through a life transition or feeling stuck? Clarity Coaching will help guide the way as you create a life you love

Supercharge your sleep, tap into your creativity or just move a little...


Join me in person to learn how to reset your sleep, transform your life or move more freely