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Here are a few of the ways we can work together to improve your sleep for good...

  • NEW: Take my online sleep course! Launching in September 2021

    • Apply to be the first to know when the sign-ups open​

  • Work with me privately...

    • Private 1-2-1 sleep therapy 

      • Working with clients on a private 1-2-1 basis ​will accelerate results in improving sleep problems

  • Have me into your office...

    • Corporate Sleep Workshops 

      • I teach at ​companies across London, offering one-hour presentations on sleep

  • Attend a day retreat

    • Better Sleep Day retreats​

      • This is a full day dedicated to learning the best rest, energy and sleep practices to allow you to thrive all day, whether you wake up tired, can't fall asleep at night ​or just crave feeling more rested

  • Come away with me...

    • Sleep Rehab weekend and week-long sleep retreats​

      • Spend a weekend or week ​really delving into your sleep, and come away with all the tools you need to sleep better and feel rested 

  • Come to a workshop...

    • Yoga for Sleep Workshops 

      • See the workshop+events page for upcoming sleep workshops taking place in London and internationally 

  • Join a group course...
    • Group courses​
      • 4-week long group courses go deeper than a workshop can, drilling down to an individual's specific sleep disorder triggers. The accountability of group work is invaluable.
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