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Sleep Rehab

Sleep well. Feel energised. Live fully.

Seep Rehab is a thorough approach to getting you sleeping better than ever before and feeling more energised, calmer, happier and healthier every day - no matter what circumstances life throws at you.

I know you're tired of being tired.

You're over feeling like you’re never rested. Feeling exhausted when you wake up. You’re trudging zombie-like through the day, going through the motions instead of being able to truly enjoy your life. 

You want to wake up in the morning and actually feel rested and refreshed! You want to fall asleep easily and sleep through the night. You want to stop wasting money on sleep products that don’t really work. You want to have the energy to be focused and productive at work, to be able to fully connect with your family and friends, to be able to relax and enjoy your down time. You want to feel like your sleep and body are working with you, rather than against you. You deserve all of this and more. 

You’ve tried so many things to try to improve your sleep…

  • Doctors visits and medications that just mask your symptoms

  • Supplements, like melatonin, that maybe make you tired, but don’t help you sleep through the night

  • Sleep and meditation apps

  • Pillow sprays, lotions and potions 

  • Following restrictive insomnia sleep programs

  • Coasting through the day on caffeine 

  • All the sleep hygiene tips...


It’s so incredibly hard and frustrating when it seems you’ve tried everything and nothing ever really works. Nothing seems to solve your sleep challenges or get to the root of the problem of why you’re not sleeping. You hit a dead end and give up, believing that you will just always be tired. (But you don’t have to be tired! There is another way) 


The problem is, most sleep solutions only look at a tiny piece of the puzzle. Medications just mask your symptoms and don’t get to the root of the problem. Apps and aromatherapy are nice, but they aren’t enough to truly make a change. Restrictive sleep programs and complicated sleep hygiene rules don’t really answer why you’re not sleeping well in the first place. 


You aren’t broken, but your sleep is. 


Sleep is your birthright. It’s a naturally occurring resource, and I can teach you how to tap into that resource and replenish it, so that bad sleep and feeling tired becomes a thing of the past.


I’m Risa Gabrielle, certified sleep therapist, coach and yoga teacher. I know how you feel because I’ve been there. I battled with bad sleep most of my life, which got worse in my 20s when I was diagnosed with sleep paralysis, excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy. I went to doctors and sleep labs, and I was just given horrible medications – one to make me sleep at night and another to keep me alert in the day - that only made me feel worse. I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that I would always be tired, that exhaustion and feeling lousy was just part of who I was. 


What I really needed was someone to help me understand the causes of my sleep disorder. To teach me how to reset my body clock and regulate my nervous system. To show me that sleep was the most natural thing we humans can do, something we are all innately capable of, and I would 100% get back to my primal instinct of sleep. 


After training as a sleep therapist, I learned there was so much I could do to transform my sleep. I realized that I didn’t have to be tired all the time, what a game changer! 


I am happy to say that my sleep is now completely transformed and I’ve helped thousands of clients fix their sleep too.

Here's what clients have to say: 

Working with Risa has completely changed my sleep. I used to not be able to fall asleep, feeling so anxious when it came time for bed. I can now fall asleep and sleep through the night. And I also learned so much about alleviating my stress through the day and the night. I am so grateful for the tools I learned by working with Risa. Life changing!


I am so grateful to Risa! I have had insomnia for months and broken sleep for longer. I cynically felt I had probably tried all the pillow sprays, meditation apps, screen time reduction, caffeine reduction suggestions there were...not so! 


I had never heard of resetting myself from the moment I woke up but am now rehydrating my brain with a pint of water and then telling my body it's morning with a lemon tea, switching my exercise classes to the morning. While I am never going to be someone who can go to bed early, I have started going to bed within a half hour window of feeling tired...and it worked! I have slept well ever since! I thank Risa in my head every morning!

If bad sleep is the problem then Sleep Rehab by Risa Gabrielle is the solution!

I will create a personalised sleep plan for you that will help you... 

  • Get to the bottom of your sleep issues 

  • Become a master at resetting and regulating your nervous system (this is the key to healing your sleep because all sleep disorders are nervous system disorders) 

  • Reset your body clock, and thereby your sleep! 

  • Naturally generate more sleep every day

  • Create the right conditions for good sleep at night

  • Get tools to use when you can’t fall asleep, wake up in the night or are up too early in the morning 

  • How to make mornings awesome – even if you didn’t sleep well the night before 

  • Wake up happy even if you’re not a morning person

  • Feel more rested, energised and focused during the day 

  • Rest practices that will help you sleep better at night 

  • Troubleshoot common (and less common) sleep problems, from insomnia to restless leg syndrome and sleep paralysis to sleep apnea

  • Feel rested even if there are disruptions - ie parenthood, pets or a partner’s snoring

  • Lower your stress and anxiety levels and feel more relaxed 


Your sleep plan will include: 

  • A detailed sleep log to track your sleep throughout the programme

  • Four weeks of videos and audio lessons

  • Worksheets and PDFs with key takeaways and resources 

  • Coaching on mindset, intention setting and habit formation - so your sleep improvements last for the long run!

  • More than a dozen exercises and practices to improve your sleep 

  • Movement classes for bedtime and mornings

  • Weekly hour-long group check-in calls with me to go over our progress and ask any questions you have

  • Mediation, breathing and yoga nidra audio recordings 

  • Accountability and support from me the entire time

  • Community support in our private group 

Bonus! If you sign up by Wednesday 9 October, you’ll also get 

  • All my killer relaxation and sleep playlists 

  • Texting access/support with me throughout the program 

  • BONUS private sleep session with me halfway through the program to go over your progress so far!

How it will work: 

After a one-on-one consultation zoom call, I will create a custom sleep plan just for you based on your unique sleep challenges. This plan will outline exactly what to do to heal your sleep. But you won’t just be given a bunch of information and left to figure it out yourself. Instead, you will be guided on how to put everything in place in the group programme over 4 weeks.

I’ll teach you what you need to do to reduce stress, reset your body clock and rebalance your sleep hormones so you can fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly and wake feeling rested. As a bonus, you’ll get access to my entire library of tools - like relaxation techniques and movement practices for sleep.

"Besides my customised sleep plan, what else do I get when I sign up for Sleep Rehab?"

Each week, you will get a video that you can watch (or listen to – you’ll also get an audio file so you can listen to it like a podcast if you prefer) at your own pace. Then at the end of the week, we gather for a group Q&A call. (If you miss the call, you can send Qs ahead of time to have them answered and watch/listen to the call later – I’ll send a link afterwards.) I have led in-person sleep therapy groups before, and I gotta tell you, there is something amazing about doing this sort of work in a group and going through it together.

Here's some more client love...

"Permission" to stop and rest during the day was huge, as someone who is at home all day, I have always felt so guilty if I am not being productive - now I am working on taking time out in the afternoon. 


Risa's presentation style was lovely and I instantly felt at ease, despite the fact I was lying on my bed. Thank you so much Risa! I genuinely do feel quite evangelical about this work, you came along just when I needed you.



What if I don’t have a lot of time? 

That’s okay! The program is self led, so you can watch/listen to the lessons at your own pace. 


What if I can’t afford it? 

I offer payment plans so you can make it work for your budget – money shouldn’t be a reason you can’t fix your sleep


When does it start/how long does it run? 

We begin on Sunday, October 16. You will get your content for the first week then. But prior to this, you will have already gotten your Custom Sleep Plan and some pre-course content!

Then starting 23 October, we will have a group calls on Sundays where I will answer any questions you have and get an update on your progress. 


Is this a quick fix? 

No, Sleep Rehab isn’t about a quick fix – it’s better than that. It’s about finding lasting solutions to improve and transform your sleep once and for all! Disclaimer: You have to be all in. This work is about getting to the root of your sleep problems and finding sustainable solutions. Yes, I will teach you things that will start to give you relief from our very first session together, but more importantly, I provide you with the tools and empower you to enact changes that will fix your sleep for the long-term. I won’t advise things that you can’t do. But you will be asked to evaluate ingrained habits and commit to trying new methods.

You’ll love Sleep Rehab if…

You want to wake up in the morning and actually feel rested and refreshed. You want to fall asleep easily and sleep through the night. You want to stop wasting money on sleep products that don’t really work. You want to have the energy to be focused and productive at work, to be able to fully connect with your family and friends, to be able to relax and enjoy your down time. You want to feel like your sleep and body are working with you, rather than against you. You deserve all of this and more.

It’s time to ditch the guesswork and get expert guidance on how to heal your sleep, once and for all. Sleep Rehab is here to make this happen.

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